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Brain is our solution for enterprise onboarding, conceived for corporate and investment banking, factoring, leasing, and NPL acquisition.


Through the analysis of enterprises’ data, we are able to create a money laundering risk scoring, that will assist our clients in deciding to start the relationship or buying the credit.


Brain works on cloud, as a pay per use service.

Vision employs a machine learning engine that tag false positives and build up a clear and intuitive interface to evaluate anomalous operations, discovering all the actors and relations involved.

Vision has been created mostly for retail banks, and works on premise.

Touch is a semantic aware detector able to find anomalous operations which escape traditional algorithms.


It can function on information stream, on a daily basis, or be used for massive controls, reducing false negatives and sanctions risks.


Touch is perfect for retail banks and, as Vision, works on premise.



The Mopso platform reduces the costs of AML, identifying false positives, and integrating all the information in one interface easy to use. It increases your AML performances, detecting new money laundering schemes by connecting data.

We support your self-assessments, providing cutting edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms to determine your AML Maturity Level.


We aim at assisting the analysts, not substituting them. That's the reason why the mopso platform outputs are always audit-proof, which means they are explainable and interpretable.

We make it easy to communicate and share data with auditors and Regulators.

Our software is secure by design and fully GDPR compliant.


Our platform is extremely flexible, running on-premises or in-cloud, as a service. It integrates with your existing tools, infrastructure, and processes allowing incremental deployments and preserving your investments.


We use machine learning and semantic web technologies to connect and to analyze data from all your information sources, making them explorable by people and algorithms.


MEET Mopso


We are a startup resulting from over ten years of research and projects.

Our mission is to help any company, of any size, to manage Anti Money Laundering processes, making them more effective.

Our team is composed by top level experts in AML and cybersecurity, plus leading data scientists.


Compliance it’s over. Nowadays, stakeholders and regulators want you to have a deeper understanding of your business and risks. 

We assist managers instead of drowning them in information.


Our software is  easy to use and easy to learn. You won't pay large switch costs.


The Mopso platform uses a knowledge graph to connect all the relevant agents involved in a complex financial operation.

To improve transaction monitoring we have developed a supervised neural network.

Mopso relies on its own ontology to handle money laundering phenomena.








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