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network analysis & machine learning for anti-money laundering




The Mopso platform is exceptionally flexible; it is fully containerized and runs both in the cloud as a service and at customer premises. In addition, it easily integrates with your existing tools, infrastructure, and processes allowing incremental deployments while preserving your investments. Amlet and Brain are modules of the Mopso platform that work together or independently: you can choose which solution better fits your needs. Amlet is designed to be interoperable with any SSI-compliant wallet and takes care of the interaction with its stack. Brain imports and exports data through a private RESTful API endpoint supporting all the most common data formats.




Optimize your onboarding process

Improve your AML system

Amlet is our platform module that allows banks and financial institutions to onboard new customers in a faster and safer way. Amlet relies on an innovative digital identity and blockchain infrastructure, called Self-Sovereign Identity, and partners with primary actors in certification and identity management. 


Thanks to Amlet, Banks will be able to:

  • speed up the customer onboarding

  • increase quality and quantity of collected data usable to better understand your customers not only for AML risk mgmt

  • provide their customers with an advanced and modern eID and verified credentials service that can be branded and provided by the bank and usable for many other purposes

  • increase their conversion while reducing risks and frauds

  • Customers will benefit from:

  • dramatically reducing the attrition during the onboarding processes

  • speeding-up and facilitating the collecting of credentials needed to subscribe financial services

  • being provided with a eID service and a wallet of verified credentials they can use for other  services and in other context, also managing their privacy with total ownership 


Our solution comes with key values as:

  • it is easy to integrate and able to rely on any technology landscapes without disruption

  • it is based on winning open standards as W3C

  • it is constantly updated with all the regulatory requirements, in compliance with EBA Guidelines and EU AML Directives 

  • leverage a proprietary knowledge base named MOPSO Net that is used to integrate 1st party data and improve risks detection


Brain is our platform module that helps banking and financial institutions to evaluate and manage money laundering risks.


With Brain you can: 

  1. integrate at any time in one place all your datasets, no matter their logic nor programming languages to create a single knowledge base that evolves over time; 

  2. automatically integrate your data with third party providers to enrich your ability to detect fraud and risks thanks to Mopso NET service;

  3. massively extract relevant information using our proprietary knowledge graph technology and artificial intelligence algorithms, using multiple customizable front ends;

  4. easily represent risks data, supporting the analysts in isolating and evaluating risky customers/events. 

  5. manage customers’ risk levels across their entire lifetime.


Brain is the perfect and quicker solution for risk assessment, remediation plans and NPL acquisition.


It is an easy to implement solution, able to integrate in any existing technology stack, working both on premises or in the cloud.

Covid19 checks (NEW) 

Using Mopso technologies, we created a tool designed specifically for the monitoring of Covid19 related risks, as stressed by FATF, EBA, Europol, and the Italian FIU. Besides Mopso Brain features, we can provide: 

  • complex analysis to identify fraud in public procurement;

  • social network analysis to spot organized crime infiltrations;

  • monitoring on customers’ websites to pinpoint products connected to the pandemic.




The Mopso platform reduces the costs of AML, identifying false positives, and integrating all the information in one interface easy to use.

It increases your AML performances, detecting new money laundering schemes by connecting data.

We support your self-assessments, providing cutting edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms to determine your AML Maturity Level.


We aim at assisting the analysts, not substituting them. That's the reason why the mopso platform outputs are always audit-proof, which means they are explainable and interpretable.

We make it easy to communicate and share data with auditors and Regulators.

Our software is secure, privacy-preserving by design, and fully GDPR compliant.


Our platform is extremely flexible, running on-premises or in-cloud, as a service. It integrates with your existing tools, infrastructure, and processes allowing incremental deployments and preserving your investments.


We use machine learning, semantic web technologies, and distributed ledgers to connect and to analyze data from all your information sources, making them explorable by people and algorithms.




We are a startup resulting from over ten years of research and projects.

Our mission is to help any company, of any size, to manage Anti Money Laundering processes, making them more effective.

Our team is composed by top level experts in AML and cybersecurity, plus leading data scientists.


Compliance is over. Nowadays, stakeholders and regulators want you to have a deeper understanding of your business and risks. 

We assist managers instead of drowning them with information.

We leverage all available data respecting, by design, customer privacy.


Our software is easy to use and easy to learn. You won't pay high switching costs.


The Mopso platform uses knowledge graphs to connect all the relevant agents involved in a complex financial operation. ​To improve transaction monitoring, we have developed a supervised neural network.

We adopt SSI paradigm to manage and to speed up customer due diligence.

Mopso relies on its ontology to handle money laundering phenomena.


Mopso is developing one of the most powerful technologies to fight organized crime: come and join us, we need your intelligence and courage!

Enter a startup that is growing fast and meet an innovative managerial style, capable of immediately empowering you.



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