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AML to the next level

Uncover hidden customer relationships to reduce sanction risks in Anti-Money Laundering

Unlock a World of Possibilities in Just 2 Minutes! 

Step into a journey of innovation and discovery with our exclusive two-minute demos.

The Mopso platform

Our software goes beyond mere compliance to efficiently combat money laundering and financial crimes. Mopso uses Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and powerful algorithms to identify complex money laundering schemes that may go undetected by legacy tools. With Mopso, you can reduce your workload and prioritize AML alerts, enabling you to concentrate on the most pressing cases and thus mitigate operation and sanction risks

Mopso is based on a composable architecture that includes optional modules to support Onboarding and Continuous Monitoring processes. When used together, they are a perfect solution for perpetual KYC, and for Event Based Customer Due Diligence (CDD)  process


Choose the solution that best fits your needs, whether it's in the cloud, as SaaS, or on-premises

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One-click Onboarding with Amlet

We will rely on the future of digital identity, making onboarding instantaneous

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Continuous monitoring with Brain

Our painkiller software for massive discovery of data relations  and for perpetual KYC

Discover the Mopso approach to AML to reduce sanction risks

Find out in a quick 120-second video how our solution can help you.

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Why Mopso

Compliance is no longer enough, Mopso is the new generation of AML software you've been waiting for

Our strengths are: effectiveness in detecting money laundering patterns, efficiency in analyzing reports, and ease of integration with existing processes. Mopso is designed by AML specialists for AML specialists using state-of-the-art technology.

We know your expertise is irreplaceable, let Mopso become your best friend, helping you prioritize and accelerate your analysis of AML alerts. Together with Mopso you will be able to reduce your sanction risks.

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Trustworthy technology

Our AML solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your current tools, infrastructure, and processes, ensuring a smooth and easy deployment that preserves your existing investments

We leverage knowledge graphs and  artificial intelligence algorithms to enrich and link data with Open-Source Intelligence techniques. All provided results are fully auditable and traceable to data provenance, thanks to Mopso's explainable A.I. technology.


Proven innovation: recognized by leading programs such as IBM Hyper Protect, G-Force, Fintec+, Fit4Start, EU New Generation Internet (NGI)

We are a reliable partner

Our company leverages expertise gained from over ten years of proven experience working with banking and AML and developing semantic technologies with knowledge graphs

Mopso is compliant with AML, GDPR requirements and is already compatible with the new European Digital Wallet and the upcoming eIDAS 2 regulation. 

The Banca d'Italia accepted our Amlet solution in its sandbox


CRIF, the global leader in providing credit information and business intelligence solutions, chose us, as an investor and industrial partner

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...sostenere la crescita e l'evoluzione del mercato italiano- Banca d’Italia

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