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Discover Amlet in 120 sec, watching our video-demo

One-click Onboarding with Amlet

Amlet is our solution that allows banks and financial institutions to onboard new customers in a faster and safer way. Amlet relies on an innovative digital identity and blockchain infrastructure, called Self-Sovereign Identity, and partners with primary actors in certification and identity management.  Amlet is the first AML solution compliant with the new EU Digital Identity (EUDI) specifications.

Amlet is a part of the Mopso composable architecture that also includes the Brain solution to support the Continuous Monitoring processes. When used together, they are a perfect solution for perpetual KYC, and for Event Based Customer Due Diligence (CDD)  process.


Amlet  is available  as SaaS, also in white-label configuration

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Thanks to Amlet, you will be able to:

  • speed up the customer onboarding;

  • increase quality and quantity of collected data usable to better understand your customers not only for AML risk management;

  • provide their customers with an advanced  digital wallet containing  verified credentials that can be branded and provided by the bank and usable for many other purposes;

  • increase their conversion while reducing risks and frauds;

  • Customers will benefit from:

    • dramatically reducing the attrition during the onboarding processes

    • speeding-up and facilitating the collecting of credentials needed to subscribe financial services

    • being provided with a wallet of verified credentials they can use for other  services and in other context, also managing their privacy with total ownership

Our solution comes with key values as:

  • it is easy to integrate and able to rely on any technology landscapes without disruption;

  • it is based on winning open standards as W3C;

  • it is constantly updated with all the regulatory requirements, in compliance with EBA Guidelines and EU AML Directives;

  • leverage a proprietary knowledge base that is used to integrate 1st party data and improve risks detection

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