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Amlet™  enables automatic Customer Due Diligence

we are specialists in designing KYC Verifiable Credentials and Self-Sovereign Identity solutions for CDD . Visit now the Amlet site


01 / We care about standards

Amlet allows Financial Institutions to update customers' data granting automatic KYC and assisting ongoing due diligence. 


It extends any ecosystems based on W3C Verifiable Credentials, making  it fully compliant with AML regulation.


Amlet enables a market place where issuers sell AML verification services to financial institutions.

02 / Privacy by design

Amlet implements the Progressive Trust principle, enabling business entities to share information about themselves only as required by AML regulations by:

  • data minimization: allowing verifiers to request the minimum amount of data necessary from holders, and for holders to only provide the minimum amount of data to verifiers;

  • selective disclosure: enabling a holder to select some elements of a verifiable credential to share with a verifier, without revealing the rest.

  • predicate support: allows  a holder to provide True/False values to a verifier rather than revealing claim values.

AMLET includes a Zero-Knowledge Proof System that is able to optimize the Spectrum Of Privacy for KYC, due diligence, and other AML related tasks.

03 / Amlet components

Amlet add  AML knowledge to any SSI infrastructure that supports the Verifiable Credential standard providing:

  • a formal ontology describing AML Use Cases and their CDD requirements;

  • an expert system that generates a presentation request templates suitable for specific CDD use cases, supporting Zero Knowledge Proof and data minimization;

  • an SDK for wallet app (agent) that guides the user to fill the  Customer Due Diligence  questionnaires ensuring that all required answers are addressed with the right credential;

  • reference implementation and code examples to help System Integrator to implement issuing and verification systems

  • hooks to marketplace and payment system to enable data monetization

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