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Prioritize AML alerts to limit the risk of sanctions

Checking all the AML alerts generated by legacy analysis tools is very burdensome, but on the other hand, not evaluating all of them exposes to the risk of sanctions. Mopso helps prioritize alerts and quantify the residual risk of being sanctioned.

The legacy transaction monitoring tools generate a huge amount of unexpected alerts, the vast majority of which turn out to be false positives.

Moreover, analyzing transactions alone may not identify important money laundering patterns such as round tripping. As a result, the AML operator is overwhelmed by a significant amount of verification work, which is often incompatible with the time available and is still subject to risks.

Zero risk does not exist, just as AML does not have infinite resources.

With Mopso, the AML operator integrates their transaction monitoring tool alerts with a network analysis of the customer relationship, enabling the operator to concentrate on the most significant alerts. It also permits the AML manager to assess the remaining risk of sanctions.


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