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Uncovering the hidden paper companies

How to use Mopso to discover a potential money laundering case involving four companies that exchange money with a suspicious invoicing pattern.

The AML operator is using the Mopso Brain solution to perform a monthly check on the money laundering risk of the bank's companies.

They come across Alfa Consulting, an untrusted company that makes several transfers in Italy with seemingly legitimate reasons such as "consultancy" and "invoice no.".

The transaction monitoring has never generated any alerts on Alfa, so why should it be suspicious? Mopso intercepts it in the "Potential paper company" scenario because it has detected some anomalous financial indicators.

Using Mopso, the AML operator verifies that Alfa has the same ultimate owner as Beta, that is Mr. Tizio; through the verification of transfers in the Mopso money flow graph analysis, he discovers see that Alfa and Beta are transferring significant amounts to Micro S.A. (Spanish) and Market Srl (Italian) companies, which are not bank clients. By further investigating open sources on the ownership of Micro, and verifying the registration of Market, the AML operator realizes that Mr. Tizio is once again the ultimate owner.

It is highly likely that the four companies are solely used to transfer money and make it difficult to trace the criminal origin of the funds.


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