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Onboarding a new company with one click

Luca is the attorney of Omega Srl and he has been given the task of creating a bank account at Best Bank with the help of Amlet, a new Mopso solution that uses the European Digital Wallet

Luca works for Omega Srl and helps the CEO, Marcello, with banking procedures through a power of attorney. Marcello asks Luca to activate a bank account at Best Bank, as they have offers for financing with favorable conditions.

Luca is not enthusiastic because the last time he tried to do this with Fast Lending, the onboarding process was blocked because it could not recognize the power of attorney. However, Marcello reassures him that it will be better with Best Bank, as they use a new solution called Mopso Amlet.

Best Bank explains that to access the account, Luca needs to use a "wallet" app capable of managing Omega Srl's digital identity and using it to automatically generate a digital power of attorney, which Marcello signs digitally. Luca uploads it to Amlet and then proceeds to complete the questionnaire (mostly pre-loaded). After completing the questionnaire, Luca uploads Marcello's ID document (the actual owner) and receives in his wallet the digital credential that allows him to do onboarding instantly.

Inside the received digital credentials, the bank finds all the company information, including AML checks performed by Mopso; all in a machine-readable format that can be imported directly into ICT systems.


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